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Linnaea Tillett

Linnaea Tillett, AL Design Award Judge for Architectural Lighting, photographed in Washington DC, for Architectural Lighting Magazine, 16 June 2011.

Dr. Linnaea Tillett is principal of Tillett Lighting Design Associates, which she founded in 1983. A lighting designer with a doctorate in environmental psychology, she has extensive experience in public landscape. Combining design and social science, Dr. Tillett crafts highly nuanced lighting programs that delight, improve sustainability, and engage issues of safety and security. Her innovative approach incorporates a thorough understanding of the perceptual, behavioral and psychological effects of light. She collaborates with leading architects, landscape architects and artists, such as Maya Lin, Toshiko Mori, Michael Van Valkenburgh, Nelson Byrd Woltz, Gustafson Guthrie Nichol, OLIN, and the artist Kiki Smith.

Dr. Tillett has kindly shared two papers with the program that describe how her particular understanding of the tenants of environmental psychology have shaped her work:

Grounding Practice: Speculations on Affect and Environment

What’s light got to do with it? Thoughts on Dignity, Mood and Magical Thinking

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