The following pages provide students and prospective students with additional resources and information about the Environmental Psychology Program.

The Journals & Association page provide a list of journals that have accepted publications from both students and faculty. There is also a list of some of the associations to which our students and faculty belong.

The Achievement page provide information about what students’ and faculty have accomplished and  for a list of possible careers after completing the Environmental Psych program, visit the Careers page.

For more information about what students do during the program, visit the Teaching and Work Page.


Journals + Associations

Working Across Disciplines Our faculty and diverse set of affiliated programs suggest one way in which we are an interdisciplinary program. Another way is to look at our participation in a broad range of professional associations and scholarly journals. Recent research, for instance, has addressed the experiences of recently housed homeless people, the privatization of …

Recommended Readings

New students and those interested in the program often ask for us for recommended readings. This list is compiled primarily from student and faculty recommendations, and is based on texts identified as representative of, or core to, our work. Andersson, J. (2007). Hygiene aesthetics on London’s gay scene: the stigma ofAIDS. In: Campkin, B., Cox, …

Research Centers

Most students must have paid work to support themselves. Field research is something that must be done, not just studied. Having a research position can provide needed financial support as well as significant experiences to augment academic studies. The Environmental Psychology program is affiliated with a number of dynamic research centers where students and faculty …

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