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Program By-laws


ADOPTED by the Executive Committee 2010 December 1st

1. The ENVIRONMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY SUBPROGRAM is an interdisciplinary doctorate program governed by the rules of the Psychology Council of the Ph.D. Program in Psychology through the Psychology Executive Officer within the governance structure of the Graduate Center, The City University of New York.  Subprogram Members include all in-status Students, as defined by the GC, all Subprogram Core Faculty, and all Subprogram Extended Faculty.

2. ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION is the acceptable mode for all Subprogram affairs.  All Subprogram Members are responsible for updating e-communication information with the Subprogram Administrator.

3. The CORE FACULTY consists of faculty appointed by the Graduate Center administration as members of the Environmental Psychology Subprogram. Core Faculty members participate fully in Student Advisement, Academic Committees, Faculty Meetings, the Executive Committee, Program Events, First Doctoral Examinations, Second Doctoral Examinations, and Dissertation Committees. Core faculty members are responsible for all decisions regarding Student Academic Status and Student Funding.

4. The EXTENDED FACULTY consists of faculty with primary appointments in other CUNY academic programs who are appointed or reappointed annually to the Subprogram Faculty, first by a majority vote of the Subprogram Executive Committee, and with the approval of the Psychology Council as required.  The Subprogram Chair is responsible each semester for a roster of the Extended Faculty.

All Faculty Members (CORE & EXTENDED) may serve as Advisors to students, serve on or Chair Second Doctoral Examination Committees, and serve on or Chair Dissertation Committees. All Faculty Members may teach Seminars, Independent Reading, Independent Research, and Dissertation Supervision as sponsored by the Environmental Psychology Subprogram; all Faculty Members may serve on or Chair Subprogram Committees.  To facilitate communication, all Advisors and Academic Committee Chairs are expected to attend an end of semester evaluation session. Each Dissertation Committee must include at least one core faculty.

5. The Environmental Psychology Subprogram is governed in all day to day affairs by a SUBPROGRAM CHAIR who is elected during the spring term from the Faculty (either Core or Extended) to a two-year term starting at the end of the spring term.  Voting is weighted so that the votes of Students are collectively equal to the votes of faculty.  Any Faculty Member may be a candidate for Subprogram Chair.  If the Chair leaves office before the completion of the term, a new election is held.  In any case, if there is only one candidate the election is foregone.

The Subprogram Chair sets regular Executive and Faculty Meeting schedules and agendas.  The Subprogram Chair is responsible, with the Subprogram Administrator, for adequate communication with all Subprogram Members.  The subprogram Chair serves as the Subprogram’s primary spokesperson within the University. The Subprogram Head is also expected to provide leadership in formulation both of policies and in long range planning in consultation with the Executive Committee.

6. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE includes all Core Faculty and an equal number of Student Representatives, drawn from at least three student-cohort years.  With the exception of issues of Student Academic Status and Student Funding, the Executive Committee establishes all Subprogram rules, academic requirements & policies. Decisions to change these existing Subprogram rules, requirements & policies must be considered and agreed upon in two successive scheduled and announced Executive Committee meetings.  The Executive Committee is responsible for updating current policies, as well as the date of their adoption, in the Program Handbook as they are established and otherwise communicating decisions to all Program Members.

The goal for all committees is to reach consensus on issues but a vote may be called for on any issue by any committee member.  When voting takes place Faculty & Student votes are weighted to establish equality, with the Subprogram Chair able to cast a tie-breaking vote.

7. ADDITIONAL SUBPROGRAM COMMITTEES and their chairs are established by the Executive Committee.  These other committees invite equal numbers of Faculty and Student members; each of these committees may make recommendations to the Executive Committee as well as carry out policies approved by the Executive Committee.  The student members of these committees will be appointed each fall semester by the student body. Student representatives from at least three student-cohort years. The students on the committee represent each year’s cohort and regularly consult with them and the faculty on the current needs and future goals of the program.  These committees shall carry out functions assigned to them by the Executive Committee and make recommendations to the Executive Committee for action.

The CURRICULUM COMMITTEE includes Student representatives from at least three student-cohort years and is responsible for a review at least annually of the Subprogram’s course requirements and offerings, and for creating a draft each semester of the following semester’s offerings for review and approval by the Executive Committee.

The ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE is responsible for setting admissions criteria, reviewing all applications to the Subprogram, interviewing applicants as appropriate, making offers of admission, and maintaining contact with accepted applicants through their matriculation.

The HOUSE AND SOCIAL ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE is responsible for the the Subprogram’s space and place, for creating events and celebrations, and also for coordinating “Program Meeting” and the annual “Presentation Day.”  The Admissions Committee is responsible for communications and outreach; it is also responsible for keeping current the Subprogram Website.

8. These BY-LAWS may be AMENDED by majority vote of the Subprogram Executive Committee at any two successive scheduled and announced Executive Committee meetings.

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