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Amy Beth

Amy Beth holds academic library leadership positions. She joined CUNY’s Guttman Community College in 2015 as the Chief Librarian. Previously Dean of Libraries for both public and private higher education institutions, she has published on a variety of library challenges and on topics pertaining to women’s midlife development. Dr. Beth has worked on many projects and Boards and is an active member of several professional associations. In a second field of training, Dr. Beth holds a PhD in Environmental Psychology from the CUNY Graduate Center.  Her work focuses on libraries as environments of significant meaning for people over the course of their lives.  Her research incorporates the life experience of space and place as described through the environmental autobiographies and narrative descriptions of architects who now work on library building designs and renovations, and details the influence of environmental meaning in relation to library planning. A co-chair for the Environmental Design Research Association 50th Conference held in  Brooklyn, and editor of the Proceedings along with Dr. Rich Wener, she remains active in supporting the ongoing work of EDRA. Dr. Beth serves on the Architecture and Social Science Committee of the AIANY and partners as a Research Associate with UDIG (User Design Information Group), a research sub-group of the Center for Human Environments at the GC.

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