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Troy Simpson
Advisor: Dr. Setha Low

Troy Simpson studies human-environment relationships, particularly in the context of public spaces, and the application of social science research methods to architecture and urban design. Troy’s current research is focused on the intersection of public spaces and emerging technologies. In addition to his doctoral research at The Graduate Center, Troy is the Director of Research and Operations at 3×3 and a Visiting Instructor at Pratt Institute. Troy is also a founding member of the User Design Information Group and a research associate at the Public Space Research Group, sub-groups of the Center for Human Environments.
Previously, Troy was a research coordinator at the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions at Columbia University’s Earth Institute, and he worked in the non-profit environmental sector as a technical advisor on green building municipal policy initiatives including the design and construction of a portfolio of $1.1 billion of green affordable housing and K-12 school projects in California. Troy holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology and political science from Santa Clara University, a Master of Arts in Climate and Society from Columbia University, and a Master of Philosophy in environmental psychology from The Graduate Center, CUNY.
Research Interests: Public space, intersection of social science and architecture, smart cities, ethnography, urban sustainability

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