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Matthew Devine

Matthew Devine
Advisor: Roger Hart

Matthew Devine is working on issues related to sustainable community planning. In particular, he is interested in the possibilities and constraints associated with (re)localizing production and consumption through ecological design and bioregional governance. Matt holds a BA in liberal studies from the New School, and a Masters of Liberal Studies focused on Sustainability Science and Education from the Graduate Center. In addition to current sustainability research and nearly 10 years of hands-on experience with ecological design in New York City, Matthew is an accomplished jazz saxophone player who spent much of his 20’s working as a performing musician, recording artist, and teacher before transitioning to graduate studies.
Matthew is the 2016 Research Fellow at The New York Botanical Gardens. He teaches environmental psychology at LaGuardia Community College and runs a small garden design/build business during the Summer.
Research Interests: Bioregionalism, orgonomy (the psychology of Wilhelm Reich), ecological design, children’s experience in nature, community governance, participatory action research, ethnomusicology

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