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Dr. Sholette’s “The Art of Activism and the Activism of Art”

GEOS Earth and Environmental Sciences Doctoral Program Presents a Lecture by Dr. Gregory Sholette Queens College “The Art of Activism and the Activism of Art” Professor Sholette presents an excerpt from his forthcoming book The Art of Activism and the Activism of Art, in which he focuses on the problem of representing collective social agency …

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Environmental Psychologists Responding to COVID: Re-creating Assignments in a Context of Global Crisis (April 30th)

Environmental Psychologists Responding to COVID: Re-creating Assignments in a Context of Global Crisis We are approaching April 30th and would like to invite you all to a collective moment of exchanges in the event Environmental Psychologists Responding to COVID: Re-creating Assignments in a Context of Global Crisis organized by Erin Lilli and Fernanda Vidal and sponsored by TLH – …

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EP Student Javier Otero Peña Shares Research on Parks in Gentrifying NYC Neighborhoods

Please join us TODAY for our PSRG Network Event, Residents’ feelings towards park renovations in low-income gentrifying neighborhoods: Latest findings of an ethnographic study in NYC, presented by Javier Otero Peña. Everyone deserves access to parks of quality. In an effort to make cities more just, local authorities in many cities around the world are …

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Gathering of Critical Transnational Inquiry

Gathering of Critical Transnational Inquiry Please click here for more info: Gathering of Critical Transnational Inquiry TESANDA is a transnational interdisciplinary network of scholarship and pedagogy born during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Linking educators, scholars, and academics across borders, TESANDA has a collective of folks engaging in interdisciplinary transnational work focused on justice and equity. TESANDA …

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Welcome EP First Years!

Welcome to our First Years in the Environmental Psychology Program! Nicolette Dakin is a dual doctoral student in the Environmental Psychology and Critical Social/Personality Psychology programs at the CUNY Graduate Center.  After graduating summa cum laude with her BA in Psychology from Purchase College, Nicolette went on to complete a Master of Social Work at NYU. …

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Teaching EP in Response to COVID

Congratulations to current Environmental Psychology students Erin Lilli and Fernanda Blanco Vidal for receiving a grant to fund a gathering of EP educators to share newly created or adapted assignments that critically examine the lived experience of our students during COVID pandemic. Environmental Psychologists Responding to COVID: Re-creating Assignments in a Context of Global Crisis and …

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EP Alum Dr. Jason Douglas Digs into COVID Disparities

Dr. Jason A. Douglas and a team of researchers (Lawrence Brown, Angel Miles Nash, Emmanuel John, Georgiana Bostean) received a rapid-response project grant for research into the disparities in care during COVID-19. Titled “Viral Pandemic Health Disparities: An Examination of Social and Environmental Determinants of COVID-19 Incidence and Mortality in New York and Los Angeles,” …

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Teaching Environmental Psychology Critically: Laurie Hurston on Open Education

Teaching Environmental Psychology Critically: Open Education with Laurie Hurson All are invited to attend the Teaching Environmental Psychology Critically will be a focus on different ways to improve our teaching by using Open Educational Resources. Since we all, at some point, have to create a syllabus  and define readings and assignments, this meeting will be …

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Nandini Bagchee’s Assembling the Community Archive THIS THURSDAY @ 4:15

Come hear Professor Nandini Bagchee share her experience of documenting place based stories and assembling the community archive THIS THURSDAY March 18th at 4:15 PM EST  Associate Professor Nandini Bagchee is the director of MS Architecture Program and Associate Professor at City College of New York. Nandini Bagchee, founded Bagchee Architects in 2005. She is …

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EP Student Reilly Wilson shares her research on Adventure Playgrounds

Reilly Bergin Wilson, with the City University of New York, will be presenting From Minneapolis to NYC: Neglected Histories of Adventure Playgrounds in the United States as part of the event ADVENTURE PLAYGROUNDS: A DIALOGUE BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES AND EUROPE. It is scheduled for March 15, 2021 from 5:20-5:35 PM CET / 11:20-11:35 AM EST The full …

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