Gathering of Critical Transnational Inquiry

Gathering of Critical Transnational Inquiry

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TESANDA is a transnational interdisciplinary network of scholarship and pedagogy born during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Linking educators, scholars, and academics across borders, TESANDA has a collective of folks engaging in interdisciplinary transnational work focused on justice and equity. TESANDA was initiated by EP student Chris Hoffman, EP faculty member Dr. Michelle Fine, Dr. Peiwei Li, and Dr. Barbara Dennis.

TESANDA aims to:

  • Building a network of colleagues in the U.S. and transnationally to share references, methods, experiences on research within and across national borders.
  • Elevate examples of research from the Global South to integrate into our teaching and our literature reviews.
  • Strengthen opportunities from colleagues outside the U.S. to apply for grants that will enhance their local work.
  • Evolve and collaboratively publish a platform for thinking through transnational ethics
  • Deepen cross-cultural psychology (both scholarship and teaching) with a commitment to decolonizing knowledge.
Our second gathering of a collective of scholars, educators, and activists from across disciplines and borders is around the corner! You can still sign up to reflect, listen, share, and plan as we move towards solidifying solidarities and dismantling oppressive power structures. Please fill out this form! 
Eight scholars have lended their voices to begin our discussions, including:
-Puleng Segalo
-Adreanne Ormond
-Urmi Dutta
-Angela James, Ifeoma Deca, & Caitlin Govender
-Katia Henrys and Sedef Ozoguz
Please make some time to check these out before the event!
You can access their videos at:
Our event is TUESDAY APRIL 6th at 2 PM EST. To sign up, please go to this form! 
We know this time may not work for you, so we hope to use our SLACK Channel to keep discussions going! Please log onto our SLACK channel to discuss and share before and after the event! Similarly to our first TESANDA event we will be hosting asynchronous conversations on slack. Members of the Uganda Peace Project will be facilitating the dialogues in English. You will find a welcome message and link to the videos already in place. To participate asynchronously please join the channel using the invitation link below. Please introduce yourself and meet members of the Uganda Peace Project. If you are already a member of the TESANDA channel we look forward to your engagement in the conversation. We will have discussion prompts posted by Sunday April 4 and we anticipate facilitating the dialogues through April 13. Here is the invitation to join  the TESANDA Slack channel: For those already members, here is the link for the channel:

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