EP Professor Nicholas Freudenberg’s At What Cost Modern Capitalism and the Future of Health

On Tuesday March 16 from 4 to 5:30 pm EP Faculty Member Nicholas Freudenberg, CUNY Distinguished Professor of Public Health is launching his newest book!


The new book At What Cost Modern Capitalism and the Future of Health (Oxford University Press) explores how recent changes in capitalism have made it harder for people to get the food, health care, education, work, transportation and social connections they need to sustain health. The book also analyzes the many efforts across the country and the planet to create healthier, more equitable and sustainable alternatives to corporate domination  and suggests how we can build a more effective and powerful movement to achieve these changes. At the event, Nick will provide an overview of the book and Marion Nestle, Professor Emerita of Nutrition at NYU,  and Mary Bassett, the former NYC Health Commissioner now at Harvard University , will comment on the book, followed by a Q and A. The registration link for the zoom event is https://sph.cuny.edu/event/at-what-cost-modern-capitalism-and-the-future-of-health/

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Dr. Freudenberg is a Distinguished Professor of Public Health at Hunter College and the Graduate Center and is director of the CUNY Doctor of Public Health program. For more than 20 years, he has worked with community organizations, civic groups and government agencies to develop, implement and evaluate interventions to improve the health of disadvantaged urban communities. His current research focuses on three areas: the development of multi-level policies and programs to reduce the adverse impact of incarceration on health; environmental and policy strategies to reverse current epidemics of obesity and diabetes; and the impact on population health of corporate practices in the food, alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceutical, firearms and automobile industries.

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