Environmental Psychology does not lead into a fixed career path. Graduates generate their professional careers and professional identities either by creating a new and often unique niche, or by seeking occupations in more traditional disciplines. For many graduates it has been a competitive advantage that they can show competence across a range of methodologies and epistemological approaches to social science.
Our students and alumni practice and teach in diverse fields. Some graduates have gone on to establish design or consulting firms, others have created research organizations or gotten involved in government or community development. Many graduates—and students in the program—teach…in a wide range of disciplines.

Our graduates find positions in college and university departments of psychology, design, planning, and throughout the social sciences; in policy institutes and government agencies concerned with such issues as housing, special user groups, and land-use planning; consulting companies interested in improving design and use of spaces; and in non-governmental organizations and advocacy groups concerned with the urban environment, parks and open space, and environment and development, among other things.

The following is a sample list of where our students have worked:

American Museum of Natural History
Barnard College
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
Center for Human Environments
Extreme Home Makeover (TV show)
Fire Department of New York (GIS Analyst)
Hunter College, CUNY
Mount Holyoke College
The New School for Social Research
Planning Department, City of Bergen, Norway
Pratt Institute
Taiwan County Government (Planner)
WSQ: Women’s Studies Quarterly (Journal)

For a full list of places our students and faculty work or have worked, please see our Placement Wiki.

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