Environmental Psychology at The Graduate Center

Are you motivated by doing research with (and not on) neighborhoods on issues like stop and frisk? Have you ever wondered about how Citi Bikes  change the experience of urban living or why they are located only in lower/mid Manhattan and nearby gentrifying parts of Brooklyn? The Graduate Center’s Environmental Psychology community embraces the “messy, fleshy” world of everyday life by taking our research out of the lab and into real-world settings.

Interdisciplinary Study of the Human Environment:

  • Provides a dynamic view of human-environment relations that considers how we shape and are shaped by our surrounding environment, from the intimate to the global
  • Takes a multidimensional, holistic stance on the environment that includes built, natural, and social settings
  • Advocates for the integration of many perspectives in interdisciplinary social scientific study to speak within and across disciplines
  • Values and enables public understanding of and engagement with environmental, virtual, social, and urban issues
  • Emphasizes challenging and changing conditions to support social, spatial, and environmental justice
  • Conducts research that uses participation to better understand the environment by incorporating concepts such as freedom of choice and how its absence can affect privacy, territoriality, and crowding

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Congrats to EP Graduate Dr. Todd Levon Brown!

Dr. Todd Levon Brown completed his dissertation, Environmental Cues and the Sociospatial Imaginary: An Examination of Spatial Perception and Meaning-making in a Gentrifying Neighborhood and received his doctoral degree in Environmental Psychology from the Graduate Center at the City University of New York. Congrats, Dr.  Brown! Please click here to view Dr. Brown’s Dissertation Defense Video! …

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EP Student Eve Klein on “Decolonizing Design Research”

A reflection on the AIA New York | Center for Architecture workshop series, “Decolonizing Design Research”, Environmental Psychology student Eve Klein, Fauzia Khanani, & Shawhin Roudbari  will be presenting at Environmental Design Research Association on Friday, May 21, at 3:15 PM EST. Join them as they discuss “Decolonizing Design Research: Scholarship, Application, Activism and Assessment”.   …

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EP Student Javier Otero Peña on Just and Livable Cities

Congrats to Javier for being recognized by the CUNY Graduate Center! Please see the following Student Spotlight: “In his first published paper, Environmental Psychology Ph.D. student Javier Otero Peña  takes a step toward his goal of understanding why people do or do not use public spaces, and what those spaces mean to them. “What drove …

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Year End Event

All are invited to our Environmental Psychology Year End Event May 14th at 10 AM EDT Presentations include: Melissa Checker on The Sustainability Myth Fernanda Blanco Vidal and Erin Lilli on Teaching EP Critically Chris Hoffman on TESANDA Irina Shirobokova and Shokraan Rahiminezhad on Being There without Being There An Open Call for Updates and …

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Congrats to EP Faculty Susan Opotow for her APA Presidential Citation

Environmental Psychology Faculty Member Susan Opotow, PhD, was awarded a Presidential Citation for her commitment to the identification and elimination of all forms of social injustice. Susan Opotow’s research focuses on injustice and investigates the socio-political/ psychological contexts in which the scope of justice — the extent of our justice concerns for others — widens or …

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EP and CSP Students Share Transnational Research

“Transnational Inquiries and Solidarities” was a panel of five graduate students who discussed their work on at the Graduate Center CUNY’s Psychology Research Day. The panel shared their original work on the  critical edges and affects of working around refugee crisis in Germany, critical/liberatory psychology across national borders in interviews with US and Salvadoran therapists, …

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