Environmental Psychology at The Graduate Center

Are you motivated by doing research with (and not on) neighborhoods on issues like stop and frisk? Have you ever wondered about how Citi Bikes  change the experience of urban living or why they are located only in lower/mid Manhattan and nearby gentrifying parts of Brooklyn? The Graduate Center’s Environmental Psychology community embraces the “messy, fleshy” world of everyday life by taking our research out of the lab and into real-world settings.

Interdisciplinary Study of the Human Environment:

  • Provides a dynamic view of human-environment relations that considers how we shape and are shaped by our surrounding environment, from the intimate to the global
  • Takes a multidimensional, holistic stance on the environment that includes built, natural, and social settings
  • Advocates for the integration of many perspectives in interdisciplinary social scientific study to speak within and across disciplines
  • Values and enables public understanding of and engagement with environmental, virtual, social, and urban issues
  • Emphasizes challenging and changing conditions to support social, spatial, and environmental justice
  • Conducts research that uses participation to better understand the environment by incorporating concepts such as freedom of choice and how its absence can affect privacy, territoriality, and crowding

Read more about Environmental Psychology at the CUNY Graduate Center HERE.


Brown Bag Nov. 14 Dr. Beverly Greene

Do Black Lives Matter? The Cost of Racial Battle Fatigue The amazing Dr. Beverly Greene, Professor of Psychology at St. John’s University, will be joining us this at Brown Bag Wednesday in the HUB! Prof. Greene has a long history of intersectional social justice based work and research centering women of color and sexual minorities. She has …

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Brown Bag Nov. 7th, Professor Laxmi Ramasubramanian

To learn more about Professor Ramasubramanian’s lecture, click here! Dr. Laxmi Ramasubramanian, Architect and City Planner, will be holding a Brown Bag Lecture Nov. 7th! This lecture is free and open to the public! Professor Ramasubramanian is an Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Policy at Hunter College and Deputy Director at the Institute for …

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Brown Bag Oct. 31 Dr. Kendra Brewster!

Please join us as we welcome CUNY alumna, Dr. Kendra Brewster back to the Graduate Center to share her experiences and work! Dr. Kendra Brewster is currently an assistant professor at Providence College.   Her talk, Riders on the Storm: Studying Intergroup Conflict Amidst Cultural Wars, is free and open to the public!   When: …

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Professor David Chapin Modifies Our Way of Looking at Space

During Professor David Chapin‘s wonderful Brown Bag presentation, a surprise was revealed! Chapin had painted a section of “The Hub” to show us how we can challenge, redefine, and occupy space at the Graduate Center!

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Brown Bag Oct. 25th David Chapin!

All are invited to see EP Professor David Chapin deliver this week’s Brown Bag lecture My Soul Was Born to Fly: Reflecting on 50 Years of Environmental Consciousness in the Everyday! This talk will be Oct. 25th at 11:45-1:45 in the Hub! Brown Bag is free and open to the public!

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Spring 2019 Curriculum CSP/EP

Please click here to see the list of courses offered in Spring 2019 for Critical Social and Personality Psychology and Environmental Psychology at the CUNY Graduate Center.    Courses include: Queer Psychology with Kevin Nadal Writing for Publication with Celina Su Anthropology of the City: Engaged Urbanism with Setha Low Critical Race Scholarship: Theory and …

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