Susan Talburt Talk on Youth Sexualities Oct. 25th!

2018 Public Science Project Book Series Presents

Youth Sexualities:

Public Feelings and Contemporary Cultural Politics


Thursday, October 25th, 4:30p

365 5th Ave (@34th Street) Room 6304.01

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The idea of youth sexuality makes many adults anxious, but sexuality

is a very real part of youth and is the subject of many important social

issues. Society now increasingly, sometimes grudgingly, recognizes youth

as sexual actors; this collection examines contradictory public feelings

related to youth sexualities, including perennial and new topics such as

sex education, sexting, teen mothers, masculinities, sexualization, popular

culture, the increasing visibility of LGBTQ youth, and the digital world.

The contributors examine the back-and-forth of adult and institutional

concerns, policies, and practices as they both govern and are influenced

by youths’ sexual subjectivities, identities, actions, and activism. The first

volume historicizes “official knowledge” and cultural constructions of youth

sexualities; offers examples of the “framing” of youth through research, film,

the media, and transnational NGOs; and foregrounds youths’ experiences

of sexuality in everyday life. The second volume considers adult and youth

activism. Through first-person and analytical accounts, the book offers

multiple perspectives of ways in which adult professionals, such as youth

workers and researchers, can work side-by-side with youth rather than

“above” or “in front of” them.


Susan Talburt is professor and director of the Institute for Women’s,

Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Georgia State University. She has

published books and articles about gender, sexuality, and educational

studies; youth studies; research methodologies; and recent theorizing

about “affect theory.” She has coedited (with Mary Lou Rasmussen

and Eric Rofes) Youth and Sexualities: Pleasure, Subversion, and

Insubordination in and out of Schools and (with Nancy Lesko) Keywords

in Youth Studies: Tracing Affects, Movements, and Knowledges.


Featuring Contributors:

Allison Cabana,
María Elena Torre

Michelle Fine, GC-CUNY

Nancy Lesko, Teacher’s College, Columbia University

Ed Brockenbrough, University of Pennsylvania

Ileana Jiménez, Little Red School

House & Elisabeth Irwin High School


Proud Talk Sponsors:

Center for Human Environments,


Urban Education at the Graduate Center,

Sociology at The Graduate Center,

Critical Youth Studies,

Critical Social Psychology,

Environmental Psychology,

Public Science Project,

The Center for the Study of Women and Society,

CUNY School for Professional Studies,

New York Independent Schools LGBT Educators Group

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This event is free and open to the public!


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