Spring 2019 Curriculum CSP/EP

Please click here to see the list of courses offered in Spring 2019 for Critical Social and Personality Psychology and Environmental Psychology at the CUNY Graduate Center. 


Courses include:

Queer Psychology with Kevin Nadal

Writing for Publication with Celina Su

Anthropology of the City: Engaged Urbanism with Setha Low

Critical Race Scholarship: Theory and Pedagogy with Michelle Billies and Soniya Mushi

Methods Modules: Participant Observation and Field notes, Interviewing, & Qualitative Data Analysis with Setha Low

Critical Studies/Perspectives on Immigration with Krystal Perkins

Listening Guide with Deb. Tolman

Community Based Research with María Torre

Environmental Social Science II: Ecological Concepts in Psychology with Susan Saegert

Childhood and Youth Studies: Approaches and Methods with Colette Daiute

Architecture: Placing Desire with David Chapin

Second Year Research Seminar CSP and Developmental Psychology with Colette Daiute

Second Year Research Seminar EP with Susan Saegert

Critical Psychology Lab with Joshua Clegg

Dissertation Seminar with David Chapin


The following professors are offering independent studies:

David Chapin, Melissa Checker, Colette Daiute, Michelle Fine, Cindi Katz, Setha Low, Susan Opotow, Susan Saegert, Brett Stoudt, Celina Su, Deb Tolman


The following professors are offering dissertation supervision:

Joshua Clegg, Michelle Fine, Cindi Katz, Setha Low, Kevin Nadal, Susan Opotow, Brett Stoudt, Susan Saegert, Celina Su, Deb Tolman

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