Hannah Jaicks’ research featured by Wild Foundation!

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 10.30.26 PMAs part of Hannah Jaicks’ dissertation on the human-nonhuman carnivore conflicts of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, she undertook an experiential method known as trekking to explore the physical and symbolic challenges that a grizzly, wolf, or cougar faces on its paths through the unforgiving terrain of the region.  Through her work, she experienced a series of encounters and adventures with people and wildlife on the trails, roads, and rivers of the GYE.  Recently, National Geographic and the WILD Foundation decided to feature her work through their GeoStories platform.  Titled, ‘Of People and Predators’ you can read about and see more of Hannah’s work here: http://www.wild.org/interactive/geostories/.

Hannah’s work is also being featured as part of her recent appointment to the Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative as a Research Associate:http://www.nrccooperative.org/hjaicks.html.  As part of her new position, she will be applying her dissertation research and building community-based initiatives that seek to foster enhanced approaches to mediating human-carnivore coexistence in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and beyond.

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