Faculty Member Laxmi Ramasubramanian’s New Book!

Essential Methods for Planning Practitioners: Skills and Techniques for Data Analysis, Visualization, and Communication

This is Dr. Laxmi Ramasubramanian’s second book, co-authored with Jochen Albrecht and published in 2018.

This book assembles and organizes a selected range of methods and techniques that every planning practitioner should know to be successful in the contemporary global urban landscape. The book is unique because it links different aspects of the planning/policy-making enterprise with the appropriate methods and approaches, thus contextualizing the use of specific methods and techniques within a sociopolitical and ethical framework. This volume familiarizes readers with the diverse range of methods, techniques, and skills that must be applied at different scales in dynamic workplace environments where planning policies and programs are developed and implemented. This book is an invaluable resource in helping new entrants to the planning discourse and profession set aside their own disciplinary biases and empowering them to use their expert knowledge to address societal concerns.

Published by Springer Publishing.



“Often I have wished for a resource that students could use to understand a concept, method or tool and then engage with the literature. This book does that!   My students are engineers, public policy analysts and disaster scientists but they all need to plan. They plan what our physical infrastructure will look like, they use planning tools to understand and quantify the impacts of policies and they plan for disasters. They must engage with communities, they need to use data and information, and they need to communicate information.  Each chapter and section provides nuggets of information that tell them about context, the gist of a process, procedure or tools, examples to illustrate the nuggets, and strategies to implement the plans. Theory meets practice and practice meets theory in this engaging narrative. Thank you! I look forward to using this as a resource and a text.” (Sue McNeil, Chair and Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Delaware)

“Here is an expertly crafted methods book for planners. I wish I had had this book when I was studying for the AICP exam!” (Emily Talen, PhD, Professor, University of Chicago)

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