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Erin Elizabeth Lilli

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Erin holds a Master of Architecture and a Master of Science in Architecture with an emphasis on Sustainable Design from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Her MS thesis was titled Perceptions of Density in the Suburban Residential Built Environmentand for it she received the King Student Medal for Architectural Research in 2013.  Prior to joining CUNY, Erin worked as an independent architectural/graphic designer and architectural marketing coordinator for an international design firm. In addition, Erin spent time doing various volunteer design work including for the Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter of Architecture for Humanity of which she was a co-coordinator.
Erin’s current research interest are in place identity, phenomenology, and the attribution of meaning, through the appropriation of public and semi-public space in a neoliberal context, among short and long term residents of gentrifying neighborhoods. In this vein she is currently developing a research question for field work, to be conducted in the summer of 2016, concerning elements of place attachment, architectural semiotics and affordances, and how socially produced space and place may or may not be subverted by embedded flows of hegemonic constructs within residents’ everyday lifeworld.
Research Interests: place identity, place attachment, phenomenology, assemblage theory, environmental/place perception, affordances, semiotics, psychology of architecture, environmental character, nostalgia, mental mapping, imageability, morphology, public space, gentrification, participatory action research.

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